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Learning from God in 2014

Living on the Rock

In most of the morning sermons of 2014, we focused on the words of Jesus as recorded in the sermon on the mount. Just like when God met with Israel on Mount Sinai in the Old Testament, Jesus meets with his disciples on a mountain to teach them about the will of God. The message isn’t new; it’s the message that God desires those who are faithful to follow him.

Jesus would conclude his teaching by saying that whoever heard his words and did them was like a wise man who built his house on a rock. Let us always be those who strive to hear the word of God and put them into practice; let us be like the wise man from the sermon on the mount.

Steven Cuffle - January 5, 2014

Living on the Rock

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Firm Foundation | Steven Cuffle

Foundations of Faith

When building a house, the more important part of the structure is the foundation. If the foundation is bad, then everything else will suffer because of it. The roof will leak, the walls will crack, the doors won’t close; a new home becomes a disaster relatively quickly if the foundation is not laid well.

The same thing is true with our faith. If we do not lay a solid foundation for the things we believe, then our faith will suffer. When temptation comes, we will fail. When Satan attacks, we will be defeated. When difficulty arises, we will fall away. However, if we have a solid foundation in place, we can stand in the midst of the worst situations because our faith is solidly based on God, who does not change.

Steven Cuffle - April 13, 2014

The Concept of God

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