Gospel of Mark - Steven Cuffle - Bible Study

The gospel of Mark presents Jesus in powerful simplicity, a Messiah of miracles. Jesus is presented to us as a king coming with the ability to make his will a reality. He surpasses Caesar in ability and power and divinity. He alone is the one capable of bringing to fruition the promises of the kingdom of God.

Mark leaves out a great deal of the details that the other gospel accounts include. His story is pared down to Jesus and presents him simply as the divine Son of God. Mark provides all of the details that we need to know and believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

The great, grand and spiritual plan of God to save mankind from sin is presented in a simple way that everyone can understand. Come join us as we read and learn together about Jesus Christ as presented to us in the gospel according to Mark!

The Expectation of a Messiah

It may seem odd that Mark’s gospel doesn’t begin with a birth story like Matthew and Luke do. However, since it seems like Mark was written to a Gentile audience, the birth narrative wasn’t as necessary. Many Gentiles may not have been as familiar with the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah’s birth, so a detailed fulfillment wouldn’t have meant as much to them.

Another interesting point to consider is that the Gentiles were already looking for someone born of God to save them from their troubles. Caesar Augustus was referred to as “Divi Filius” or “Son of God”, in hopes that he would lead the Roman people to rule the world and reign over all people. The Gentiles knew that in order to have a “heaven on earth” they would need to be sent someone from the heavens.

Mark Shows Jesus as the Son of God

Mark presents Jesus as the answer to the Gentile expectations. Jesus alone is powerful enough to rule the kingdom of God. Jesus alone is mighty enough to overcome death and sickness. Jesus alone is awesome enough to sustain his followers and give them eternal life. There is no one like Jesus – and Mark presents this powerful king, this Miraculous Messiah, in a way that everyone would understand.