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Bible Class Material

Currently, there is not material available for download. Material will be added later as it become available. At the Church at West Oaks, we have Bible classes for children of all ages, a middle school and high school class, and currently one class for adults. You are welcome to attend with your family and time we have classes (Sunday at 9:30am and Wednesday at 7:00 pm). If you will be bringing children, you can send them to the class for their age, or you can all stay together in the adult class that meets in the large auditorium. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, happy environment where we can all grow together in our faith and become better servants of God.

Study Aids

There are currently no study aids available for download. When available, these materials are intended to help deepen our understanding of various Biblical topics and to help and encourage the sharing of the message about Jesus. After we become a Christian, it’s important that we continue to grow in our faith and learn more about what it is that God has in store for us. It’s also important that we learn how to share our faith effectively and energetically so that more and more people can come to know about the salvation offered to us in Jesus.

Yearly Booklets

Each year, we have a theme that we strive to focus on in relationship with Christ. In 2014, our theme was “Living on the Rock” which focused on hearing and putting the words of Jesus into action. In 2015, our theme is “The Character of Christ”, which focuses on the character qualities that made Jesus so special. As we learn about Jesus’ character, we can become more like him in every aspect of our lives. You can feel free to download the most recent book for use on Sundays in 2015, or you can feel free to download the book from past years to use along with the sermons in our archives.

Download the “Living on the Rock” yearly book for 2014.

Download the “Character of Christ” yearly book for 2015.

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