The Sermon on the Mount

Hearing the Words of Jesus

Jesus Speaks

The sermon on the mount contains the essence of the teaching that Jesus did during his time on earth. He probably preached similar things many times, but in the gospel of Matthew, chapters five through seven, we see his teachings brought together in the greatest sermon ever preached. The sermon on the mount is truly a masterpiece of simplicity and depth, illustration and application, and making plain the way back to God. After hearing the words of Christ, we should be inspired to live holy lives in service to God, informed to make the best spiritual decisions for our lives, and able to teach and share the wonderful things Jesus spoke. The sermon on the mount is truly timeless teaching, which explains and makes plain the message God has been telling people from the beginning.

Living on the Rock | Steven Cuffle | Sermon on the Mount

Living on the Rock

In 2014, we focused on being those people who lived on the rock of God’s word. Jesus would finish the sermon on the mount by saying, “Whoever hears these words of mine and does them is like a wise man who built his house upon a rock…” We have two options laid before us: we can choose to hear and obey, or we can choose to play in the sand. We must be those people who hear the words of God and desire to put them into practice. Our prayer is that these sermons will help all us to grow in faith, knowledge, strength and courage so that we may be building on the rock of Christ.

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