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We provide these sermons for anyone who many find them useful. Our hope is that you will be encouraged in your faith to grow closer to God and live a holier life in his service. If you have any questions about the things presented, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form at the bottom of the page. You can navigate through all of the sermons on our site by using the three different search options below: by series, by speaker, or by topic. Our prayer is that these sermons will help us all to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It Depends on Faith

For the past couple of years, we have been focusing on a theme in our preaching and teaching for the year. The yearly focus for 2016 is “It Depends on Faith”, taken from Romans 4:16. This year, we’ll be reading and studying the book of Romans to find our what God is telling in this great letter from the Apostle Paul. There was a great discussion in the first century about how the Hebrews and Gentiles fit together in the body of Christ; did the Gentiles need to become “Jewish” and did the Hebrews rank higher than the Gentiles? Was it the “jewishness” of the Hebrew Christians that saved them? Are the Gentiles any worse off than the Hebrews when it comes to their guilt? Our culture today doesn’t draw lines in the same way, but we still have distinctions in our culture. The struggle to work together as a unified people for God still exists, and we need God’s answers to these pressing questions just as much as they did in the first century. Join us as we grow together in our faith, deepen our understanding of salvation, and draw nearer to our God and Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Steven Cuffle - May 1, 2016

Romans 4.16-25 - It Depends on Faith

Paul says that our justification before God depends on faith. This is so everyone can be included in the promises. This has implications as concerns every aspect of our lives. We must be those who trust in God to lead us and to save us.

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Expository Sermons

Focusing on the Text of Scripture

Expository sermons are those which “expose” the text of the Bible; they focus on a particular passage of the Bible and then strive to explain and apply what God is telling us. There are a few benefits to these types of sermons.

Firstly, they focus on what God is telling us. There is a temptation to make up our minds about a topic or issue and then run to the Bible in search of support. In those instances, we’re not preaching or teaching what God says but our opinions on the matter. We must be willing to lay aside what we think, open the book, and allow God to tell us what is right.

Secondly, expository sermons help us to avoid misunderstanding verses. A single verse, without any context, can usually be taken in a wide variety of ways. By looking at the passage where we find a verse, we can get a feel for the context, how words have already been used, and a host of other helpful hints and insights as to what a particular verse may mean.

Thirdly, the Bible contains all of the information that we need to know about how to live a godly life (2 Peter 1.3); there is nothing we could possibly need to know about pleasing God that isn’t already in the book. When Paul was preaching to the Christians in Ephesus, he said that he declared to them the “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20.27). If Paul could preach the whole counsel and the Bible already has all the answers, then everything God would tell us must certainly be contained in the Bible. So, if we just go through the Bible and focus on the text one passage at a time, eventually we will touch on everything God wants us to know.

Fourthly, it puts what is most important before those who desperately need it. God was displeased with Israel because “they did not pay attention to [his] words” (Jeremiah 29.19), and when he planned to restore them he “[wrote] in a book all the words that [he had] spoken” (Jeremiah 30.2). The testimony of the prophets is that our hearts are “deceitful and desperately sick” (Jeremiah 17.9). We need the medicine contained in God’s word, the guidance contained in the Scriptures, and the sustenance that comes only from the words of life (cf John 6.68). We cannot find our own way and God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, so it is best for us to sit and humbly listen to what God has told us in the Scriptures.

For these reasons and more, most of the preaching and teaching at the Church at West Oaks is expository in nature. We are a group of people who love God and his word, who desire to become better at serving and loving, and we believe that the word of God is the tool God has given that will make all of these things possible.

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Topical Sermons

Intense Study of God's Ideas
  • The Doctrine of God
  • Greatest Questions
  • Faith Foundations
  • Character of Christ
Topical Sermons | Steven Cuffle | Church at West Oaks
Topical Sermons | Steven Cuffle | Old Books

Topical sermons, sometimes called stand alone sermons, are those which cover a particular topic, idea, or theme and can be influenced by different seasons, times, holidays and current events. There is a wide variety of places to draw from when preaching topically, but care must always be given to keep our focus on God’s word and our central aim to say nothing other than what God has said.

There are some inherent dangers to topical preaching. It can be used to preach personal opinions, denominational traditions and dogma, unbiblical and antibiblical ideas, and a whole host of other bad things. Why can this happen? Because one temptation of topical preaching and teaching is to jump around and pull verses from all over the Bible; by ripping verses from the passages in which they appear, one can falsely build a case for an idea, doctrine, opinion, etc. However, the Bible was not intended for us to be understood in this piecemeal fashion. Certainly, we are able to apply things we learn from various places – drawing from all over the Bible helps us make sure we’re understanding any single passage correctly – but we must be careful that we never look to make the Bible say what we have already determined to be true.

When we present topical preaching and teaching, we attempt to cover different topics, ideas, and themes by looking at various passages. So, in a sense, we may have several passages that we approach expositorily in an attempt to adequately and accurately cover any given topic. Our devotion to God is such that we never want to misrepresent or misapply anything that he has said; we take great care to try and preach only the truth.

There are times when topical sermons can be very enlightening and helpful for God’s people, so, even though we started off with warnings, we do love them and use them when appropriate. Many questions can be best answered through topical studies rather than expository ones. For example, “What is the kingdom that Jesus came to establish?” is probably a question that we would approach from a topical standpoint. By looking at various places where Jesus talked about the kingdom before his death and comparing that to places where the disciples talk about the kingdom after his resurrection, we can come away with a very good understanding of the kingdom of God.

Please feel free to use the menu in the media player above to view all of our topical sermons. Some of the more popular topics we’ve covered are listed to the left, and you can always feel free to send us a question if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

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