Architectural Terms With Images: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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This will give you a vantage point, fitting in as much of the building as possible.

The acroterion may take a wide variety of forms, such as a statue, tripod, disc, urn, palmette or some other sculpted feature. These form the three principal types on which all capitals are based. The name is derived from the dormers roof being a segment of a circle. Dominant feature of streetscape.

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Plate from La Poupée.

In classical architecture rustication is an architectural feature that contrasts in texture with the smoothly finished, squared block masonry surfaces called ashlar. When the cylinder spins, a mirror fixed in its center reflects the images and makes them appear animated. Society of Automotive Engineers.

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If the proposed advertisement is to be externally illuminated, the design of the method of illumination would not detract from the character or appearance of the building. Comprehensive information and bibliographies as well as good illustrations, on most aspects of architecture, especially history. The corners of buildings were often emphasized by rusticated quoins. Hence a battlemented parapet is also known as a crenellated parapet.

An opening in a sloping roof, the framing of which projects out to form a vertical wall suitable for windows or other openings. Memorial: something designed to preserve the memory of a person or an event, like a monument or a special day. Never allowed in advance by any. The steep pitched slate roofs have tall chimneys treated as clusters.

By using a point system, builders can show compliance with energy building requirements by using average figures for all air conditioning units in the same sub division. The collective jambs and Margin Lights: the smaller panes of glass found along the perimeter of some windows. Aluminum generally is limited to the larger wire sizes.

The perceived hue of an object, produced by the manner in which it reflects or emits light into the eye.

Triumphal Arch for the Count of Moctezuma: Architectural Poetics and Artistic Competition at the Cathedral of Mexico City, ca. The electrical unit of power.

Norm, if I were to label the parts of the red Torii you showed a few posts back, it would be main posts, buttress posts, stretcher, header, and header cap.

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Renaissance architecture, including a classical ordering of columns over three levels and the use of pilasters and entablatures in proportional relationship to each other. The dressed stones at the corners of buildings, usually laid so their faces are alternately large and small. CAD drawing, a relatively new technology but fast becoming mainstream. It is the key feature on a Greek Revival style building.

An arch with a strong center point, usually seen in Gothic Revival style buildings. Cucumber Set Complaints Louis, and New Orleans.

The central voussoir is the keystone. Handbook?

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Small blocks of neoprene, EPDM, silicone or other suitable material placed on each side of the glass product to provide glass centering, maintain uniform width of sealant bead and prevent excessive sealant distortion.
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An unsupported overhang acting as a lever, like a flagpole sticking out of the side of a wall.
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It is usually characterized by massive monolithic forms, usually of poured concrete and typically unrelieved by exterior decoration. Used in Gothic style tracery windows.
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Above a partial barrier against mechanical fasteners designed the building and spurs billy was succeeded by porches with images. Romans for military purposes such as a milestone or a boundary post. To extend one material partially over another; the distance so extended.
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In residential construction, a bituminous fiber strip used to separate blocks or units of concrete to prevent cracking due to expansion as a result of temperature changes. Ornamental work that identifies features and with architectural fiberglass may include symmetrical shape and. Latium and the seat of the Holy See during the Renaissance.
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The theory or practice of regional rather than central systems of administration or economic, cultural, or political affiliation. Stone slate roofs with corniced chimneys.